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Thank you for uploading your track. Once approved (could take up to 48 hours), your music will then appear in the LATEST TRACKS section for public voting/rating!
Once your track appears in our LATEST TRACKS area, be sure to use the Facebook share button to promote it to your fan base, so that they rate it, to boost your music to our 7+ CLUB. Remember the more votes you get (i.e. the more times people rate your track) and the higher your Average Score, the better your chance will be of entering one of our House Charts, where we will then promote you and your music to our extensive database of House music fans and industry professionals across the globe!
Just so you're aware, scores of 1 or 2 out of 10 aren't counted in our system, as they are deemed malicious.
VERY IMPORTANT -  Please DON'T rate/score down other people's tracks! The system is designed to pick up on suspicious and malicious voting/rating through our algorithms. So please ensure ALL votes/ratings are genuine (no bots, proxies, etc) and not malicious (i.e. when your track gets rated a 10, and straight after, other tracks in your genre receive a 3 out of 10 from the same IP, etc). As if a red flag is reached, it will jeopardize your track's chances of getting charted and in extreme cases, repeated offenders get banned for life.
Please note, Average Score is not the ultimate determining factor as to which tracks get charted. It has an influence of course, but in the end, which tracks get charted and in which order is finally determined by our expert Listening Panel, who listen to and analyze in detail, each track which progresses to the 7+ Club and make their decisions based off the stats and their professional opinion of each track (for quality control purposes).
Our charts refresh on the 1st day of each month. Good luck and all the best :-)
The HouseCharts.Net Team


Stem Mixing

Jan Top 10

Dan Milligan
Dance Loud
Acid Keyboard
Salatino Davide
Dance Loud
Hear Me Out
Dance Loud
Why Lie
Dance Loud
Angel Of Death
Shady Beach
Dance Loud
Aron Von
Dance Loud
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