Some have asked me about getting their music heard. I must say that HouseCharts.Net is a wonderful platform to promote yourself. It's where I was noticed, hence bringing me to this chapter in my life. Take advantage of it! It's managed by very nice and helpful staff members. In fact, I just uploaded some CASA DAY POTS music. Check it out those who have reached out to me. Thank you HouseCharts.Net for including me on the CASA DAY POTS Facebook Boost as well, which brought my fan base way over 1,000, not including "likes".

Hudson Cerone


I can vouch for HouseCharts...well I would say that having two number ones lol. But seriously it's growing and growing in popularity as a platform, and does come up high in the Google rankings. $5...come on you can't get a pint for that! Well worth it to get your track some exposure.

Phil Hall (CardioBeats)


Shout out to HouseCharts.Net. Their website is the best source for uploading and getting your music out there to the public. Without them I would not be where I am today. Radio Play, Charted Tracks, everything an inspiring producer needs to get exposure, at a low low cost. HouseCharts.Net is Awesome!!!

DJ M@stadon


HouseCharts.Net the effort you guys put in is second to none. There is no way I would have ended up on the radio shows I have without you. So thank you!

Phil Christiansen (aka Critto)


I would like say thank you to HouseCharts.Net for being the great music host that it is in supporting artists & allowing them to spread their talent. Also for giving access for fans of House music to hear all the different variety of music that is present. I would also like to say thank you to the expert panel for choosing to place 2 of my songs in the Top 10! It is a great honour & huge surprise for me to have witnessed this.

Ths is a huge encouragment & is the biggest drive that I have received so far to work harder towards my dream!

Thank you :-)




I just wanted to show my appreciation for House Charts selecting 'Without You' for your charting this month. The track has now been signed and a radio edit has been produced for general release.

I believe the exposure from your site helped me to get listeners interested and to push the track on to the next stage. Once again many thanks!

I will most certainly release future projects on House Charts and highly recommend the site to others.

Kind regards

Kristian Barton - aka - 'Cookie McFunk'

I was told through a comment on my SC about this site and am thankful for that. Your website is amazing!
It took a spontaneous comment to find you but I'm glad I did. This is a really good website. 
Thomas Murphy 

One of my songs has been signed. Signing was through your Premium Promo Service. I began in this site!
Thank you very much!!!!!


The track (House Train) has been signed to Big Mamas House (label)... I think you've got something to do with this!
Thanks again
Charlie Paterson

The three tracks I have up on here are now released by a label... I'm so excited, things are finally happening...

Thanks again! When I get my uni stuff out of the way I will certainly be making more tracks and putting them on your excellent site.

You guys rock! - HHF

Can't recommend doing this site enough. It brought natural interest to my media pages and it's a site where the music comes first. Got some really good feed back for myself and the label. There is lots of quality music from all genres. I've been fortunate enough to have the Funky House and site number 1 two months in a row. Give it a bash. You never know. Thank you HouseCharts.Net

Lee Watson (Red Rogue)


It's only been my first year back in the music since 2000 but what a year for me! Thanks to HouseCharts.Net I have been signed twice :-) Jason Brand (Jason B)


If you're an aspiring producer in ‪#‎Housemusic‬: Consider uploading your tracks to HouseCharts.Net. My track Trippin' was winner of their main charts and in the end, it sold a couple of hundred times and even got airplayed by the mighty UMEK.

If you have a good position on Housecharts (final ranking is done by a jury) - it's a good indicator that you have a good product ready.

Reat Kay


Thanks so much! You are always very helpful when uploading tracks on your site. Brilliant site! It's helped me develop my music a lot... 

Ian Hails (D3W)


It's definitely a great non-biased way to check how your tracks are going. They get voted on by hundreds of people I don't know, so there's no favouratism or popularity contests. It's just a matter of music :-)

Anthony Huttley (MusicByHux)


Thanks for the good stuff, cause of you my music did take the right way! Thank you so much guys :-)




Hi! Just to let you know I've been signed to Lenny Fontana's NY House label now since December 2015 with 3 releases and another two on the way for August and September this year to date, along with signings with two other labels from the UK and 3 videos so far :-) Thanks for all your support along the way The HouseCharts.Net Team!  You have given me the positivity to go forward :-) 

Jason Brand (aka Jason B)


Lee Watson's track "Sick & Tired" out on HF Records is number one for the month of July on HouseCharts.Net!!! Just to put that in perspective for you, out of 10 tracks on the top chart, 8 could be downloaded for free. Ours was not one of those 8 and we STILL hit number one. Lee is already playing his first large scale festival this weekend alongside some very big names in dance music. This guy is going to be well known throughout the world and we are happy to be a part of it! HOUSE!

Zach Clark (HF Records)


Thanks a lot!! ;-)
It means a lot to me.
Best regards and Top service.
Keep up that good work. ^^
Dean McThinberg.

I am very very pleased to have been exposed to your site!! I have been looking for this kind of platform for some time.
Rob Dawson

Thanks for your coming back so quickly and resolving the issue efficiently 10 points guys !! I admit I was a bit doubtful at first :)

Looking good so far with a 9.3 average ;) 

I'll recommend you to other artists and my labels and will also host a link to your site on my webpage. 

I wish you great success as I support your cause for good house music and not just big names with big budgets, there's so much good music and talent out there that's not appreciated to the fullest. I will be using you for further releases for sure, but prior to launch in future projects to get that big initial sale impact.

Kind regards Domscott

Thank you so much for your quick response. Great customer service guys!
...Awesome! Thanks again..your site is really cool :)
Sergio Marin 

Your service is one of its kind, things go smoothly and customer service is top notch!

Thank you for the brilliant service !!
Dzivhuluwani Lavhelani

I read what you guys are all about and it's very admirable to see that there's actually companies, websites and blogs out there who really care about the music and not just popularity.
Andres Muschett

Wow! A great website in every aspect! Will be telling others too. Thank you,
Tony Bonomo

Wow pleasure doing business with you. I'll tell folks about you.
Arthur D

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