Stem Mixing

Stems are kindly to be supplied as follows:

- in WAV 16 bit or 24 bit format (alternatively 32 bit float)

- plus MIDI files (if any)

- both wet (with fx) and dry (no fx) versions of the same stems 

For example, if your track contains 10 stems. Please send 10 wet stems and 10 dry versions of those same stems. So 20 stems total.

- all stems can be zipped up in a zip folder and sent to us via,, (email address to send them to will be provided upon completion of your payment).

- Please DON'T send DAW files.


Sometimes some of the stems you provide may be deemed as unworkable or unsuitable for the track by our professional staff.

If that's the case, we'll let you know and if you'd like us to replace these unworkable stems with alternative stems (HQ sounds) for you, we can do so for $18 extra per unworkable stem.

That $18 includes UNLIMITED REVISIONS of the replacement stem we provide for you. So if you're not satisfied with the sound that is created for the track from that replacement stem, we'll keep on trying different stems till you're eventually satisfied and happy with the final outcome.