Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How much exposure will I get if I upload music to HouseCharts.Net?
Our website ranks very highly on the front page of Google worldwide when people search for "House Music Charts", "House Charts", "Funky House Charts", "Tribal House Charts", "Soulful House Charts", "Future House Charts", "Deep House Charts", etc. These terms have a combined total of over 350,000 searches per month! Many of these people searching are record label executives looking for fresh talent.
We also promote the chart toppers to our extensive network of thousands more House music fans on our Facebook, Soundcloud and Google+ pages, as well as our over 30,000 e-newsletter subscribers. In addition, the Overall Top 5 receive airplay on online House music radio station www.HouseMusic1.com and even feature on their Home page.
2I paid the $5 upload fee but didn't manage to complete my upload. What can I do?
The online track upload form is divided into 2 sections. Once the 1st section is filled in, you'll be asked to make the $5 payment via PayPal. After which, you must then click on the link in PayPal once the transaction is complete, to return to our website and be directed to the 2nd section of our track upload form. Where you can then enter your track's title, plus artist/remixer names and upload the mp3, together with cover art (if you have any). Once both sections of the form have been completed successfully, your track will then appear in the Latest Tracks area.
If there was a problem during the upload process, simply complete your upload via the Track Upload Link in your $5 receipt email from HouseCharts.Net. The one with "Thank you for your order with HouseCharts.Net" in the subject line, which you would have received immediately after making payment (not the one from PayPal). If you don't see that email in your inbox, then please check your spam folder. If the Track Upload Link doesn't work either, just email us your track as a 320 kbps mp3 attachment to faileduploads@housecharts.net and in the email, please mention your track details and a simple explanation as to what happened. Also, feel free to send us any cover art (if you have any) in a separate email, to the same email address. We'll then upload the track for you, provided the $5 upload fee has been paid.
3. How do I submit a track to HouseCharts.Net?
We only accept submissions via the Upload a Track online form on our website. First register HERE and then upload a track HERE.
4. What is the minimum and maximum length of tracks I can upload?
All mp3 tracks uploaded must be a minimum of 3 mins and maximum of 10 mins long. Please upload full length versions, rather than short samples (as a 1 minute cut is already made automatically). Mp3 files are kindly not to exceed 20MB.
5. Am I able to see stats for the tracks I upload?
Yes! If you upload any tracks to HouseCharts.Net, when you log in, you can click on Track Statistics in your Account area.
6. How does the scoring system work?
To rate a track, people just need to select from the red circles to the right of the track, what score to give out of 10. Scores of 1 or 2 out of 10 are ignored in our system, as they are deemed malicious. So the lowest (i.e. worst) rating a track can receive (which is actually counted) is a 3. And the highest (i.e. best) score a track can receive is a 10. The higher people rate a track, the higher the Average/Current Score.
7. What is the 7+ Club?
The 7+ Club is the section in our website which features all the tracks which have an average score of 7.0 and over. The tracks in the 7+ Club have been voted as the favourites by the general public. Our expert Listening Panel then analyze each track from the 7+ Club, for quality control purposes, to then determine which tracks deserve to enter our monthly House Charts (which can be accessed via the "Charts By Genre" button/tab on our website). Only tracks in the 7+ Club are considered for our monthly Charts.
8. How many votes/ratings minimum do I need to obtain before I can qualify for the 7+ Club?
Your track must have been rated by at least 5 people and have an average score of 7.0 or over in order to progress to the 7+ Club.
9. Once I've uploaded a track, can the settings be changed?
Yes! Simply send us an email to settings@housecharts.net with the changes to the settings you'd like and one of our friendly staff will work with you and make the changes for you.
If you prefer a different sample of your track to play by the audio player. You can email us as an attachment an already cut 1 minute sample of your preferred section of the track in mp3 format and we'll replace the audio for you.
10. Why isn't my track playing or only playing a short section when I click play?
The player only plays a 1 minute sample to prevent people from being able to rip your music. When tracks are uploaded to our website, a 1 minute sample is automatically cut from the 2:20 - 3:20 minutes mark of the mp3. This is normally the peak section of most tracks, and hence why this timing has been chosen.

Occasionally, it might not showcase the best part of the track though. Or if your track is less than 2 mins 20 secs long, the sample will be cut after that and hence nothing plays. In either case, simply email us as an attachment your preferred pre-cut 1 minute sample in mp3 format to settings@housecharts.net. We will then replace the audio sample in the player for you.
When you upload your full length mp3 to our website via the Upload a Track online form, please ensure there are no foreign characters, such as "Ö" or "市" in the file name. Otherwise, the sample won't play. If that happens, simply email your preferred 1 minute sample in mp3 format, without the foreign characters, to faileduploads@housecharts.net and we'll upload it for you.
11. When do the charts refresh every month?
The new charts go live at midnight (AEST) on the last day of each month.
12. Do people need to be logged in to rate tracks?
13. Can a person rate the same track more than once?
No! Once somebody votes/rates a track, they will then be disabled from being able to rate that track again. If they try and rate the same track again, a note will then appear on the screen saying "You've already rated this track". So the system will not record/count any attempted repeated rating/voting efforts.
14. Why hasn't my Average Score changed even though my friends/fans scored my track?
The rating is currently programmed to work out the average from every 5 votes/ratings, so doesn't change right away, unless it is the 5th vote/rating.
15. Can't people maliciously vote/score down tracks?
Scores of 1 or 2 out of 10 aren't counted, as they are deemed malicious. The system is also designed to pick up on suspicious voting/scoring through our algorithms, so please ensure ALL votes/ratings are genuine (no bots, proxies, etc) and not malicious (i.e. when a track gets rated a 10, and straight after, other tracks in the same genre receive a 3 out of 10 from the same IP address, etc). As if a red flag is reached it will jeopardize a track's chances of getting charted, and in extreme cases, repeated offenders get banned for life.
It's so as to promote fairplay and ensure all voting/scoring is genuine and fair. Our programming team have worked hard to develop a system that only counts natural votes/ratings and disregards unnatural or suspicious votes/ratings.
Please note, average score is NOT the ultimate determining factor as to which tracks get charted. It has an influence, but in the end, which tracks get charted and in which order is finally determined by our expert Listening Panel, who listen to and analyze in detail, each track which progresses to the 7+ Club, for quality control purposes.
16. What format must I upload my track?
320 kbps mp3, no larger than 20MB in size.

17. What format must I upload my cover artwork?
Jpeg / jpg, gif or png, up to 10MB in size and ideally 300 x 300 in dimensions.
18. Does my track need to be released on a label to be uploaded to HouseCharts.Net and/or enter a House Chart?
No! HouseCharts.Net gives equal opportunity for both signed and unsigned artists. 
19. When I upload a track to HouseCharts.Net, can I opt have the track being downloadable via Beatport, iTunes or another 3rd party website instead of HouseCharts.Net?
Yes! When a track is uploaded to our website via our online upload form, you'll be asked if you'd rather have people download your track from HouseCharts.Net or a 3rd party website. If you opt for 3rd party website, you'll be asked to enter the direct link to your track on Beatport or iTunes and our website will then link to that when people click to download your track. Please note, HouseCharts.Net only pays royalties to artists who set their tracks to be downloadable via HouseCharts.Net, rather than artists who set their tracks to be downloadable via a 3rd party website.
20. Can my track be set to listen only when I upload it?
21. Can I make my track free to download?
Yes! You simply need to enter a direct link where people can free download your track from (e.g. Soundcloud link with downloads enabled) in the upload form when uploading your track. Alterntively, send us the link to settings@housecharts.net if you've already uploaded your track under different settings (e.g. Play Only or Pay to Download) and we'll switch it for you.
22. Will I be paid royalties if I opt to enable people to pay to download my track via HouseCharts.Net, even if my track isn't officially released on a label?
Yes, you will receive 65% royalties (after PayPal fees) and these will be paid to you via PayPal in December and/or June (as long as there were at least 5 paid downloads for your track/s). You must have a PayPal account set up using the same email address used to set up and log in to your HouseCharts.Net account. You can update the email address of your HouseCharts.Net account at any time by simply logging into our website and going to "Update My Details" in your account area. A PayPal account can be set up via www.paypal.com.
23. Why does HouseCharts.Net keep some of my royalties?
To cover the HouseCharts.Net costs in relation to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media advertising, bulk e-newsletters, music conference promotions and other marketing costs associated with promoting your music.
24. I had uploaded a track to HouseCharts.Net some time ago but I can't see it anymore and the HouseCharts.Net track link isn't working anymore either. Why is that?
In our Terms & Conditions it mentions "If/when the music you upload to our website shows low activity (plays, downloads and/or scoring) it will eventually be removed (without your notification) after a minimum of 6 weeks from the uploading of the music to our website". Please note, we are exclusively a charting website and need to make sure the music on our website is new, popular and "fresh". We're not a music storage/search website like Beatport or iTunes.
If a track is set for purchasable via HouseCharts.Net, it can stay on our website for up to 6 months, if it has high activity.
25. Is the HouseCharts.Net sample player iPad/iPhone friendly, so that when I upload a track, people can play/hear it from their iPad/iPhone?
26. Why is there a $5 upload fee to upload tracks?
This fee is charged for our expert Listening Panel from the music industry to analyze the tracks in our 7+ Club section, to conduct quality control. This ensures only tracks that are truly House music and of the best quality are shortlisted for our House Charts. It also covers the running, customer support, maintenance and hosting costs of our website, as well as the admin/processing costs associated with the payment of royalties (in June and December each year) to artists who upload their music to our website and opt to have it payable to download via HouseCharts.Net.
27. Do I definitely need to set up an PayPal account in order to pay the $5 upload fee? 
No, we have Fast Checkout set up, so you don't need to create a PayPal account, if you don't want to. You can simply just enter your credit card details. Setting up a PayPal account is however required if you opt to have your tracks payable to download via HouseCharts.Net, in order to receive your 65% royalties (after PayPal fees), paid in December and June each year.
28. Who is on the Listening Panel?
Our listening panel is a team of music industry professionals, each with over 10 years experience in the House music scene. The names of such panelists cannot be revealed for privacy and fair play reasons and to prevent any form of bribery.
29. Why is a track which has a lower Current Score than mine in the Charts or above me in the Charts?
Average Score is not the ONLY factor that governs which tracks top our Charts. If a track has been rated a lot more times than yours, it may go higher than yours in the Charts. For example, a track with an Average Score of 8.5, which has been rated by 100 people, will rank higher in our Charts than a track with an Average Score of 8.6, which has only been rated by 5 people.
Also, the more a track deviates from House music or a particular style of House music, the less of a chance it will have of doing well in that Chart, even if the track has a good Average Score. For example a Dub Step or Techno sounding track with an Average Score of 8.3 won't rank as well as a proper Electro House or Tech House track with an Average Score of 8.1. Whilst we respect all genres of Electronic/Dance music, please keep in mind, this is a House music website.
Tracks which are professionally well mixed down and mastered, will out perform those that aren't. So is another factor to consider.

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