About HouseCharts.Net - The People's Choice House Charts!

Sick of hearing the same tracks in clubs, on the radio and in the dance charts? 
Tired of being influenced what to hear by big budget record labels, music videos and marketing campaigns?
Over older generation record label executives and station managers deciding what music is good and deserves to be heard and what doesn't?
Have you had enough of "salebility", rather than "quality" determining which tracks gain exposure?
Wish you could find killer tracks that nobody else has?
Are you a quality artist or producer and want your chance to be heard?

HouseCharts.Net brings you the freshest House Charts every month in all genres of House Music voted by you, the general public!

Whether it's Tech House, Electro House, Deep House, Funky House, Progressive, Future, Soulful or Tribal House, we've got you covered!
We are an independent international dance chart which gives the general public a chance to have their say on which tracks should enter our charts. Anyone can upload their music to our website to submit it for public voting/rating. People who access our website can rate the tracks (and they don't have to be logged in to do so). Music that obtains an average score of 7 and over, after at least 5 votes, then enters our 7+ Club.
Our expert panel of industry professionals then analyze each track in the 7+ Club, to conduct quality control and ensure only the highest quality, most well produced and mastered House music enters our House Charts. The higher the track's average score, the more people rate it and the more people download it, the higher the chance of it entering our House Charts and the higher the position in our charts it will obtain.  

How much exposure will your track receive through HouseCharts.Net?

Our website is top of the front page of Google worldwide for the searches "House Charts", "House Music Charts", "House Chart", "Funky House Charts", "Tribal House Charts", "Soulful House Charts", "Tech House Charts", etc. These terms have a combined total of over 350,000 searches per month! Many of these people searching are record label executives looking for fresh talent.

We also promote the chart toppers to our extensive network of thousands more House music fans on our Facebook, Soundcloud and Spotify pages, as well as our over 30,000 e-newsletter subscribers.

In addition, the Overall Top 5 receive airplay on online House music radio station www.HouseMusic1.Com and the Overall Top 10 even feature on their Home page.  


Jan Top 10

Dan Milligan
Dance Loud
Acid Keyboard
Salatino Davide
Dance Loud
Hear Me Out
Dance Loud
Why Lie
Dance Loud
Angel Of Death
Shady Beach
Dance Loud
Aron Von
Dance Loud
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