Did you know the quality and professionalism of your artist logo or the cover art for your track has a direct impact on a listener's perception of your music? A poor artist logo and cover art can actually cause people to skip your track and not play it at all! 

For those that do play your track, amateur visual representation can have a psychological effect on the listener and cause your track not to get the optimal feedback it deserves. 

Our design department is specialised in artist logo and cover art design for the House and Electronic music industry. They do their designs based on the style of sound of your music!

If you proceed with any of our design packages. Once we've completed the design/s, as a FREE BONUS, we'll even submit (or re-submit) your track for our charts with the fresh new artwork.

After you make payment, you'll also have the options to upload (at not additional charge) as follows:

- Your existing artist logo (if you have a professional one already)  

- Another artist logo (if the track is a collaboration)

- The logo of your record label (if it's a track for official release)

- An example of cover art which you like the design of (if proceeding with our cover art design service)

- An example of an artist logo you like the design of (if proceeding with our logo design service)

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Already uploaded your track for our charts this month?

If you decide to proceed with our design service, depending on when you go ahead, we'll try and complete your new design before the end of the month. So that your track re-appears at the top of our Latest Tracks page before then, with the new design. But if it isn't completed by the end of this month, we'll re-upload the track for you next month. So that it'll be in consideration for next month's charts.

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