Our banner ads can be used to advertise a new release or chart topping track. As well as any business, service or product that may appeal to House/Electronic music fans.

Prices are for blocks of 3 months paid in advance. For example, if you pay $135 for Package B, once you supply us with the banner designs and we approve them, the ads will then be pushed live. They will also be hyperlinked to URLs of your choice.

After 3 months, an obligation free invoice for another $135 will be sent to you via PayPal to keep the ads live for a further 3 months. Once paid, the 3 month cycle will repeat and continue. If the renewal invoice is not paid within 7 days, the ads will then just be removed.

Your ads will rotate with no more than 3 other advertisers.

Our Pricing:

Package A: $50 per month for the combination of Banners 1, 2 & 3.

Package B: $45 per month for the combination of Banners 2 & 3.

Package C: $33 per month for just Banner 2 alone.

Select your Banner Ad Package:

*Includes bonus FREE PROMOTION in our e-newsletter and on our social media pages!


Desktop Website

Desktop website advertising preview

Mobile Website

Mobile website advertising preview

You are NOT locked into long term annual contracts

You can cancel at the end of any 3 month block by simply not paying for your next 3 month block. Giving you great FLEXIBILITY if you just want to test the waters first or only advertise something short term (such as a track release).

The ads you supply kindly need to be of a professional standard & include ADVERTISEMENT in small Robota Condensed font, in 1 of the corners of the ad, as per the following example (click to view).

Alternatively, we can design your ad/s for you if you wish, for an additional $60.

BANNER 1: 680x90 Leaderhead     

BANNER 2: 620x75 Reduced Leaderboard     

BANNER 3: 640x130 Mobile Only

Our website averages approx 27,000 visits per month:

(Click image to enlarge)

Most visitors are from the US, UK, South Africa, Germany & Australia:

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Facebook Fan Page Boost

If interested, simply email the URL of your Facebook fan page to with "FB Boost" in the subject line. We'll then send you a $20 PayPal invoice & once paid, we'll start the process.

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